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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Alien Agenda

Anyone notice that we are being bombarded with movies about aliens?

Movies about aliens in 2011:

I Am Number Four
Battle: Los Angeles
Mars Needs Moms!
Super 8
Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon
Cowboys And Aliens
The Darkest Hour
The Thing

Movies About Aliens In 2012:

John Carter of Mars
Men in Black III
Star Trek 2

Movies in Pre-Production:
They Live
Independence Day 2 & 3
Cloverfield 2

And yeah aliens have always been a big draw and there has never been a shortage of aliens movies, but this sets a new precedent. Most of these movies will be blockbusters as well.

Belief in alien visitors has become popular among the general public recently.

There have been multiple news reports over the last few years of UFO sightings at major airports worldwide,
as well as youtube videos of UFO sightings.

Last year there was a press conference from retired U.S military personnel about their UFO sightings, and recently the british government released a report about all of their UFO sightings.

Last year the U.N appointed an ambassador to alien visitors just in case such an event would ever occur.

So to me it seems like something fishy is going on, I encourage everyone to keep an eye out and come to their own conclusions.

Personally I believe that the UFO sightings are not from aliens, but are part of some elaborate Illuminati scheme to trick mankind.