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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Alien Agenda

Anyone notice that we are being bombarded with movies about aliens?

Movies about aliens in 2011:

I Am Number Four
Battle: Los Angeles
Mars Needs Moms!
Super 8
Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon
Cowboys And Aliens
The Darkest Hour
The Thing

Movies About Aliens In 2012:

John Carter of Mars
Men in Black III
Star Trek 2

Movies in Pre-Production:
They Live
Independence Day 2 & 3
Cloverfield 2

And yeah aliens have always been a big draw and there has never been a shortage of aliens movies, but this sets a new precedent. Most of these movies will be blockbusters as well.

Belief in alien visitors has become popular among the general public recently.

There have been multiple news reports over the last few years of UFO sightings at major airports worldwide,
as well as youtube videos of UFO sightings.

Last year there was a press conference from retired U.S military personnel about their UFO sightings, and recently the british government released a report about all of their UFO sightings.

Last year the U.N appointed an ambassador to alien visitors just in case such an event would ever occur.

So to me it seems like something fishy is going on, I encourage everyone to keep an eye out and come to their own conclusions.

Personally I believe that the UFO sightings are not from aliens, but are part of some elaborate Illuminati scheme to trick mankind.


  1. Have you seen Zeitgeist? NWO propaganda... even ends with the two connected hands symbol with the sun in between. It also tries to claim that Christianity is a sun worshiping pagan cult. Very very false, unfortunately a lot of people are joining this Zeitgeist Movement. Its essentially going to attempt establishing the Venus Project as the new form of economy through a resource based economy along with being a Communistic/Socialist One World Government as an alternative to our current system.

    The End draws near.

    1. You are correct about some things in your post. However, the Venus project is anti U.S. Govt and anti capitalism, we are AOTBUSHT and we too are against the U.S. Govt and anti capitalsm. We forgive anyone who has not thought far enough ahead in their own minds to realize that as long as there is capitalism, communism and/or socialism then the powers can and will continue to control the world population.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  2. Zeitgeist might seem like nwo propaganda to some, but listening to the information without the lenses of fear, one can clearly see that Zeitgeist is promoting healthy ideas to consider.

    Let's not get so caught up in conspiracies that we fail to objectively listen to new ideas, even if they threaten our false sense of security.

  3. yes.......buddy you hit it right on the nail... a false flag alien invasion is on the agenda for Them. So spread the world and educate yourself. Don't fall for this! and help fight the fight.

    1. There shall be no false flag, ETs really do exist and sometimes they aren't all that friendly. Sometimes something must be done about them. We all hope that they never attack in great numbers, this would lead to emergency conditions within the U.S. and other G5 countries. We are all in this thing together so lets work together to keep our country safe.

  4. aliens in my opinion are devil manifestations
    and since we know who is leading the illuminati (yes the devil himself)
    these demons have the ability to transform themselves into beings like aliens
    so be careful everyone

    with little research I found out most people who claim they were abducted by aliens where into the occult

  5. 0.0.. the last comment was posted at 11:11.
    by the way,what do you think of thor?. that movie makes me think of lucifer.

  6. cool site bro, +follower

  7. Aliens have been around way before the illuminati, there's depictions of foreign objects flying the skies in many cultures, on conplete opposite sides of the globe, way before Christ. How do you think the pyramids were made, both Egyptian and Mayan? Not by the illuminati, nor primitive human tools, but by alien intervention.

    1. depictions of super human gods where as well even before pyramids existed, doesn't mean there was or wasn't. but the fact is without proof its a he said she said game with no standing grounds for real justification

  8. People do need to wake up, society is getting more and more fucked up. +Followed.
    Follow & I follow back and check blogs daily.

  9. Conspiration theory, oh noes.

  10. illuminati code

  11. I've heard rumours too that a faked alien invasion is planned. They plan to terrify people so thoroughly that people run to the Illuminati for protection. Christianity was infiltrated and mutilated by the devil in about 300AD. It is awash with devil worship stuff. This is coming from someone who loves the bible and God. Christianity as it is today is a joke. Sorry, but there's no nicer way to put it. Open your third eye. This is the message I'm trying to spread. If you want to be free and know the truth about the world open your third eye.

  12. Thats deep man, you should follow me back

  13. Hey guys.

    It's always good to question the world around you but it seems that a lot of you are giving way too much leeway to your religions and political ideology and what not, why not question them as well. It's only healthy

  14. Have you ever seen "The 4th Kind"? It's about an alien invasion in Nome, Alaska in the year 2000. They have footage from what happened.

    [if you try to look up anything other than the movie, it's impossible to find. Although if you watch the movie, it looks like it did happen. If it did or if it didn't, it still has specific similarities to the Illuminati. (i.e., 3:33 am - the witching hour, owls - something to do with wisdom and working at night) ]

    Anyway, it's possible that they are trying to get people afraid of an alien invasion.

  15. yep terrorists, now aliens

  16. it sucks, but almost everybody on this comment list has some sort of skewn perception, its obvious to point you out too. christianity is a revised form of paganism, all you need to do it look at comparisons for some of the gods, odin is a great example of jesus christ. ya there is something going on, but its not satanic. there is nothing innately of satan, or of christ. thats human invention. there are only things with value, these people, the illuminati, use things that are valuable to their cause, not SATANIC THINGS, the is no value in satanism, only value in value, so drop the of satan thing, they are just doing what works, more correctly speaking esoteric knowledge as a whole. aliens and multi-dimentional beings have been described in cave drawings, yes. and we dont have to knowledge to dissasociate them to the point of being angels/demons, your mothers bunyans. so dont try yet, you look foolish in the effort. all you know is that they have been lumped together aliens/pixies/demons by most ancient shamanistic cultures, whos entire societal background was balanced around having one foot out the door, and please check my information, id highly advise you to never take anybodies word on anything. so with that as a base, go conspiracy crazy. just dont but such a dampering bias around it, there is no room for religion when examining life.

    1. You sound too sure of your own limited mindset. Do you claim to be closed to any other context of thought/reason? Remember: things are not always what they seem on the outside. Dont think for one moment that powers that be cannot disguise their true agenda. We are called to redeem this dying world and to bring hope to people but how are we to go about such a task? Humanly speaking, we run into too many roadblocks I think. there is something outside our human dimension - call it what you want but innately I think we all know.

    2. Those aliens and multi-dimensional beings are lucifer and the fallen ones...

    3. Lucifer and fallen ones do not originate from earth so are considered aliens... in the English language


  18. If I ever make a movie, i'll make sure I put lots of symbols in it, especially the eye of providence, and a couple of pyramids and pentograms, so y'all can blog about it and make me rich.

    1. and the you will illuminati and share your bed with the

  19. Aliens and UFO's or demon spirits that can be summoned by satanist. These same spirits are friends of the government. Trust me, the government knows all about it & now we've got a chance at finding the truth. The sad part is, the government has conditioned our minds through the media & entertainment that a lot of us won't even recognize the truth when we see it.

    1. how do you know this? please enlighten

  20. They are remaking They Live?! That's amazing.

    Check out Illuminati Symbols for analysis of symbolism found in pop culture.

  21. The truth is to be a good person and use your own knowledge
    to evaluate your surroundings and you will see that everyone knows the answers to things they truly know nothing of. But without any proof how can one speak to another person telling them how it is? lol at all the modern profits/no it alls..
    As far as I am concerned zeitgeist and movies alike are bs , books of the satan bibles where written by Stephen king ,
    the holy bible/koran is the same as greek/egypt mythology, and for ET there is no limit to the possibility of life somewhere else in an endless universe

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  30. I don't know if it was answered but people don't play geussing games...aliens do exist...and yes they are demonic entities...aleister crowley envoked the first grey he called it LAM. Yes demons posing as aliens have been around before started with egiptians...they worshipped them. Do your research. And so does the illuminati...they worship the same gods egiptians did. And Aleister crowley the role player in the biggest magick ever did the same. They know its demonic...oh so buy the way...the pope is a 33rd degree freemason...put the puzzle together...illuminati wants a 1 world goverment. And a 1 world religion.

  31. vonbraun87545@hotmail.comMay 23, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Aliens are not demonic. There are aliens from this dimension and aliens from other dimensions. Demons and angels were made from mans pholosophy. Soon this planet will be cleaned of its parasitic controllers by others who will destroy both the off world intervention and the corrupt human control group.